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Importing Maya Animation into Flash with Papervision 3D

he low poly mesh for May worked pretty well even around her elbows and knees. The joints for the elbows and knees were placed very close to the outline of the mesh so she deforms better. And now I wanted to see if joint animation can be imported into Flash.

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Actionscript 3 and FMS based text Chat Application

Obviously I wanted to write my project in AS3 and realized that they weren’t a lot of documentation on the topic, that why I’ll post here every part of code I made working.

My last project was about creating a chat. I downloaded the demo from FMS2 and tried to update it to AS3, not a big deal, but I’m happy that it works now.

Down Load Source FMS AS3 Chat

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iTunes style Cover Flow with flash actionscript

So, people have been commenting a lot on the iTunes Cover Flow. Mostly they are good comments, but there were a few suggestions. I made one suggestion that seemed to make sense and was very easy to implement

Download itunes cover flow

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Download Cover flow for Flash Player 10

Coverflow with actionscirpt 3 :






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Angry birds Game online

Play Angry birds online

Pudding striks


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