Basic Shape: A Triangular Path

11 Jun

The icon we are drawing has three major components:

A triangle with rounded corners, a gradient fill, and a subtle shadow.

Inner Border:
A smaller triangle border inside of the background.

Exclamation Point:
A bang character “!” inside the center of the icon.

Since both JavaScript and ActionScript support paths, we will use paths to define our shapes. Let us start with the background. It is a triangle consisting of three points.


context.moveTo(canvasWidth/2 - x, this.padding);	
context.lineTo((canvasWidth + this.width)/2 + gamma, this.padding + this.height - gamma);	
context.lineTo((canvasWidth - this.width)/2, this.padding + this.height + this.innerBorder);
context.lineTo(canvasWidth/2 - x, this.padding);

Actionscript 3

var trianglePath:GraphicsPath = new GraphicsPath(new Vector.(), new Vector.());
trianglePath.moveTo(canvasWidth/2 - x, padding);			
trianglePath.lineTo((canvasWidth + iconWidth)/2 + gamma, padding + iconHeight - gamma);			
trianglePath.lineTo((canvasWidth - iconWidth)/2, padding + iconHeight + innerBorder);
trianglePath.lineTo(canvasWidth/2 - x, padding);
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Posted by on June 11, 2011 in Action Script3, HTML 5


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