HTML5 Vs ActionScript 3

11 Jun


HTML5 introduces an element called a “canvas” on which we can use JavaScript to draw. This offers a quick and easy approach to drawing dynamic content. This article will compare this relatively new (and not yet cross-browser compatible) option for drawing to Adobe Flash’s ActionScript 3. JavaScript and ActionScript have common roots as they are both dialects of ECMAScript.

For this article we are going to draw something with a little complexity to better compare the two languages. I have chosen a warning icon I made in Photoshop.


var phi = Math.tan((this.width/2) / this.height);
var x = this.innerBorder / Math.cos(phi);
var y = x / Math.tan(phi);
var gamma = Math.sqrt(Math.abs(this.innerBorder*this.innerBorder-x*x));

ActionScript 3

var phi:Number = Math.tan((iconWidth/2) / iconHeight);
var x:Number = innerBorder / Math.cos(phi);
var y:Number = x / Math.tan(phi);
var gamma:Number = Math.sqrt(Math.abs(innerBorder*innerBorder - x*x));

The code is similar in both languages, but two differences appear immediately and will be consistent throughout this article:


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