virtual controllers for touch based devices

15 Jun

Designing The Controller
The first thing to consider is the actual visual appearance of your controller ā€“ in my case this was going to be a thumb stick like those found on the Playstation or XBox controllers. For ease of mapping the users touch input on the thumb stick you really need two elements. First the thumb area, i.e. the place where the user places their thumb; secondly you need a surround. The surround is useful for two reasons. It provides a visual indication to the user on how far the thumb stick moves as well as allowing you to use this as the boundaries of your entire controller for the purpose of determining where the users thumb actually is and more importantly when they lift their thumb up. You can see a simple design for the entire thumb stick controller (including both the thumb and surround) in the image on the right.

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Posted by on June 15, 2011 in Action Script3, flash


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