How to Build BlackBerry PlayBook Apps with Flash Professional CS5 or cs5.5

04 Aug

1) Download and install blackberry air SDK from blackberry site
after installed this sdk open flash pro cs5 or cs5.5
file – publish settings
selected air 2.5 ( cs5) OR 2.6 (cs5.5)
press ok
open file – Actionscript settings

in library Path tab
click on + sign
than click on swc icon
selecte qnx-screen.swc file from

than again click on swf icon
select qnx-air.swc file from here

press ok

now click on qnx-air.swc file in advanced actionscript panel for open its property
Link Type : Merged into code
RSL URL:(n/a)
Police File URL:(n/a)

link Type change with “External”
for that double click on merged into code text
Library Path item options box will be opened.
now select like type Exernal from drop down
Press ok
close settings box
now open action script window
type import qnx. you can get list all qnx class
now your blackberry sdk attached with your flash Pro.

download and install blackberry semulitor
download and install VMware player

Tomorrow will tell you about build apps for blackberry.

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Posted by on August 4, 2011 in Action Script3, Adobe Air, Blackberry, flash


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