Flash Professional and the BlackBerry Tablet OS SDK Example

17 Aug

Creating a battery monitor application

In this section, you’ll use Flash Professional to build a sample application for the PlayBook. To demonstrate how the app works, a battery monitor application is provided for you to download in the Requirements section at the top of this page. The sample files folder contains two subfolders. The items in the “For desktop” folder enable you to preview the functions of the application in Flash. The items in the “For simulator” folder use the APIs provided in the BlackBerry Tablet OS SDK. The files in this folder can be packaged and deployed to the PlayBook simulator.

Introduction to the Battery Monitor

The Battery Monitor is an application that displays an accurate battery level and status. After downloading and uncompressing the sample files folder, open the file named BatteryMonitor.fla located in the “For desktop” folder. Test the movie to preview the application locally


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