22 Aug

Stage3D A high-performance rendering surface for 3D content defined using Context3D. The Player Stage predefines a number of Stage3D objects. Content drawn to Stage3D is composited with other visible Player display objects in a predefined order. The most distant are all StageVideo surfaces. Stage3D comes next, with traditional Flash display object content being rendered last, on top of all others. StageVideo and Stage3Dare rendered with no transparency. Player display object content is rendered with transparency. A Stage3D surface is retreived from the Player stage using its stage3Ds member.
stage.Stage3Ds[0].addEventListener ( Events.CONTEXT3D_CREATE, myContext3DHandler );
stage.Stage3Ds[0].requestContext3D ( );
function myContext3DHandler ( event : Event ) : void {
var t : Stage3D = as Stage3D;
myContext3D = t.context3D;
InitAll3DResources ( myContext3D );
StartRendering ( myContext3D );

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Posted by on August 22, 2011 in Action Script3, Adobe Air, flash


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