AIR for TV HelloWorld application

29 Aug

The following exercise can help you understand the basics of developing AIR 2.5
applications that run on AIR for TV. You will use your computer and the Adobe
MAX 2010 AIR for TV Hardware Development Kit in the MAX 2010 Device Lab to
create and run a simple HelloWorld AIR 2.5 application.
Prerequisites and equipment
The following prerequisites will help you get the most from this session:
• Previous experience with, knowledge of Flash Professional and other
Adobe Flash tools
• Previously experienced developing Flash or AIR applications
• Experience with/knowledge of ActionScript 3 programming
• Strong interest in creating AIR for TV applications
To complete this exercise, you will also need the following equipment:
• A personal computer running either Mac OS X 10.6 or Windows XP or
greater connected with Flash Profession CS5 installed
• A USB flash drive with at least 100MB of free space

Youʼll also need the MAX 2010 AIR for TV Jumpstart Kit, which can be provided
to you by a member of the Adobe AIR for TV team. The Jumpstart Kit contains
all the software and documentation you will need to use the Adobe MAX 2010
AIR for TV Hardware Development Kit. Youʼll need it for this exercise and for
your future AIR for TV application development, as well.
AIR for TV HelloWorld Exercise
1. If you have not done so already, get a copy of the MAX 2010 AIR for TV
Jumpstart Kit from the AIR for TV staff member in the device lab. Save it on
your personal computer in a location thatʼs easy for you to remember
2. Open the Jumpstart Kit and find the file FlashProCS5ExtAIR25 beta.zxp.
Double click it to install the Flash Professional CS5 Extension for AIR 2.5
(beta). Accept the extension and install it.
3. Start Flash Professional and
go to File> New Flash project>Adobe AIR 2 to
create a new FLA file.
4. Be sure the USB flash drive you brought to the lab is connected to your
computer. Name the FLA file HelloWorld and save it to the root of the USB
5. (Optional) Change the Stage color of your app by clicking the Stage color
button in the properties window.
6. Add the text HelloWorld somewhere on the stage by going to Windows-
>Tools, choosing the Text tool, and clicking on the stage and typing
7. Change to the Selection tool, select the text field, and in the properties panel
change the type of the text field to Classic Text and Static Text.
8. Run your application on the computer by going to ControlTest Moviein
AIR Debug Launcher (Desktop) and verify that you see the text ʻHelloWorldʼ in
the application window.
Go to File > Publish Settings. Go to the Flash tab. Choose Adobe AIR 2.5 for
Player. Click the Settings button. Click the Signature tab. Check the option
ʻPrepare an AIR Intermediate (AIRI) file that will be signed laterʼ, as shown
NOTE: The AIR for TV developer workflow does not require you to use a
signed .AIR file, just an .AIRI file. The .AIRI format is exactly the same as .AIR
except it is not digitally signed.
10.Go to the General tab and set the Output file location to the root of your USB
flash drive. Leave the profile selections all checked.
11.Publish your AIR application by going to File>Publish
12.Verify that the HelloWorld.airi file is on your USB flash drive.
13.Eject the USB flash drive and insert it into the USB port on the back of the
AIR for TV device.
14.Use the AIR for TV unit remote control to navigate to the Marketplace
application and run it. Select the tab Install from USB. You should see a list of
AIR applications available to install, including the application called
HelloWorld that you just created.
15.Select and install the HelloWorld application and exit the Marketplace
application. This will take you to the AIR for TV App Launcher.
16.Navigate through the App Launcher and locate the HelloWorld application.
17.Run the application and verify that you see the text ʻHelloWorldʼ on the TV
screen you have connected to the AIR for TV unit.
Congratulations. You have created and installed your first AIR for TV application.
For additional information about getting started with AIR for TV, go to the
documents in the MAX 2010 AIR for TV Jumpstart Kit.

Click here for view PDF

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