Uploading images from CameraRoll and CameraUI

29 Aug

Getting the media promise

The first step is to request the image from either the CameraRoll or the CameraUI object. In both cases, you create the appropriate object, set up some event listeners, and then call the function that asks for the image. The runtime then returns the image in an event containing the media promise after the user has either chosen a picture from the device media library or taken a new picture with the camera.


The following code example sets up the event listeners necessary to handle the events that can be dispatched by a CameraRoll object and then calls the browseForImage() method. When the user selects an image, the runtime calls an event handler function named, imageSelected.
//declare cameraRoll where it won’t go out of scope
var cameraRoll:CameraRoll = new CameraRoll();

if( CameraRoll.supportsBrowseForImage )
cameraRoll.addEventListener( MediaEvent.SELECT, imageSelected );
cameraRoll.addEventListener( Event.CANCEL, browseCanceled );
cameraRoll.addEventListener( ErrorEvent.ERROR, mediaError );
trace( “Image browsing is not supported on this device.”);


The code for requesting an image from the CameraUI object is very similar:
private var cameraUI:CameraUI = new CameraUI();
if( CameraUI.isSupported )
trace( “Initializing…” );
cameraUI.addEventListener( MediaEvent.COMPLETE, imageSelected );
cameraUI.addEventListener( Event.CANCEL, browseCanceled );
cameraUI.addEventListener( ErrorEvent.ERROR, mediaError );
cameraUI.launch( MediaType.IMAGE );
trace( “CameraUI is not supported.”);

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